Kosmos Pork Soak (brine)


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Kosmos Pork Soak (brine)  Net Wt. 16 oz.  Kosmos Q Pork Soak is a proven formulation with unparalleled quality.  Kosmo’s Pork Soak will increase moisture in beef, pork, chicken, and fish to give you outstanding taste, texture, and tenderness.  Mixing instructions:  Mix 3/4 cup of product to 1/2 gallon of liquid.  Shake well.  Soak pork chops and ribs 2 – 4 hours depending on thickness, tenderloin 4 -8 hours depending on thickness, whole loin 12 -24 hours depending on thickness.  Adjust to personal taste as needed.  Rinse excess off thoroughly under running water after soaking.