Spa Maintenance

Lake Fireplace & Spa has everything you need to help keep your pool or spa clean and running smoothly.

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We do not perform service on any product that has not been purchased from us. Contact us or visit our store today for immediate service needs or maintenance questions.

Filters are the first line of defense against unwanted particles and debris in your hot tub or pool water. The right filter can extend the life of your spa by working with the entire purification system to keep the water clean and clear. Easy to clean and easy to use, different types of spa and pool filters are used for various models, so make sure you are using the right one for your pool or spa.Chemicals
Lake Fireplace & Spa has all the pool and spa chemicals you need! We carry chemicals from, BioGuard, Aqua Check, Spa Marvel and other top brands to ensure that your pool or spa remains clean and running smoothly.Maintenance Equipment
From water vacuums and pool skimmers to test strips and filter cleaners, visit Lake Fireplace & Spa for all of your spa and pool maintenance needs.
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Winterize Your Hot Tub

The majority of spa owners continue to use their tubs during the winter months. Spa owners that plan to discontinue use of their hot tubs, however, need to winterize them to ensure proper protection from the cold. Simply draining your spa is not enough, as residual water can cause serious damage.

What do you need to do?

  • Turn off power
  • Drain water
  • Blow remaining water from jets and air system
  • Loosen fittings
  • Remove filter

Check your manual or contact us for exact instructions.