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Personalize Your Sundance

Quality features are the hallmarks of a Sundance: highly effective spa jets, ergonomically designed seating, and easy-to-use spa control panels. Decades of engineering expertise have gone into the systems that keep the water clean with minimal maintenance. And with fun and practical items like built-in stereos and exterior spa light options, plus a matching hot tub cover, you really can get exactly what you want in a Sundance. You can even opt for gleaming stainless steel trim for the spa jets on selected 780 and 680 Series models.


Hot Tub Jets That Give You A Better Massage

Fluidix™ jet technology, exclusive to Sundance®, is a patented jet design that lets you adjust for a steady flow or an oscillating massage. The difference in Fluidix hot tub jets is that they do all this without bearings that can clog or parts that wear out; a true breakthrough in spa jets.
From deeply relaxing to powerfully invigorating, the Sundance Spas hot tub jets offer a full range of massage types. Swirling, pulsing, streaming or penetrating, Sundance spa jets work effectively for virtually every therapeutic technique. Experience Sundance jet-driven water with a “wet test” at Lake Fireplace & Spa.
  • Pressure Point Hot Tub Jets: Stimulate acupressure points
  • Whirlpool Hot Tub Jets: Vigorous deep-muscle massage and bold action
  • Therapy Hot Tub Jets: Versatile: swirling motion, rotating or stationary action
  • Relaxation Jets: Gentle, soothing massage with bubbling water motion


Dramatic Spa Lights Set The Scene

Spa lighting and color are integral parts of your spa environment. They can change the mood from romantic to party scene, and make your spa easy to enjoy after dark. The adjustable SunGlow™ LED lighting system in the 880™ Series glows from the footwell up to the multi-hued lighted spa waterfall. The SunRay™ LED spa lighting system in the 780™ Series features the synchronized colored spa lights of the AquaSheer™ waterfall, LED light rings for the air controls (on select models), and bright in-spa lighting.

A Spa Seating That Lets You Settle Into Pure Comfort

The spa seating design experts at Sundance Spas have applied the ergonomics of body support to the environment of water to create form-fitting spaces. Each spa seat helps you maintain even weight distribution and correct posture when surrounded by jet-driven water. So you can relax into the hot tub seats of your Sundance® spa for total comfort. Moving from one area to another, you can achieve specialized massage types, or a full-body hydrotherapeutic experience.

Hot Tub Seats That Give You Relaxing Options
Cool-Down Seat

  • Cool down gradually before leaving the spa
  • Sit partially out of the water
  • Enjoy a foot and calf massage

Accu-Ssage™ Therapy Seat

  • Unique therapy massage station for neck, shoulders, and back
  • Targets specific acupressure points
  • Customized hydrotherapy
  • Mild to bold action, deep-tissue massage

Soaking Seat

  • Adjust controls from your spa seat
  • Comfortable support
  • Ideal for gentle spa hydrotherapy

Full-body Lounge

  • Ergonomically designed for overall hydrotherapy
  • Neck, shoulder, back, calf, hip and foot jets
  • Wrist jets on select models

INTELLI-JET™ Therapy Seat

  • Two therapeutic Fluidix™ Intelli-Jets
  • Change massage action without leaving your seat
  • Two powerful Vortex™ Jets

Find The Right Spa

Contemporary, Coordinating Colors In Beautiful Shades

Choose from rich acrylic spa colors and textures with coordinating cabinet finishes to create a variety of spa color schemes until you’ve found the perfect combination for you. Each spa shell is vacuum molded of high-quality, long-lasting acrylic in our Rigid Bond™ process, which gives each spa shell unsurpassed durability and heat retention properties. SunStrong™ spa cabinetry is made of sturdy, UV-resistant material in colors that go perfectly with our line of hot tub accessories.

Music Brings It All Together

Enjoy your music in your spa with a Sundance® spa stereo option. Get the MP3 player jack with the spa stereo option in most 880™ Series and 780™ Series spas. You can even add a factory-installed spa stereo Custom Luxury option for your 680™ Series spa, in selected models. A Sundance hot tub with stereo option also includes an AM/FM radio and iPod dock. Check out the excellent stereo features, from different spa speaker styles to powered subwoofers, on selected models at Lake Fireplace & Spa.

A Spa Control That Does It All

The spa controls on a Sundance® spa are conveniently located and easy to use. Digital touchpads give you total spa control – hot tub water circulation, hydrotherapy, filtration, purification, temperature, and lights! Each model features a clear and legible digital spa control panel, and most panels can be inverted for easy reading whether you’re inside or outside the hot tub. Pre-programming capabilities mean you can use energy-efficient settings, and also make sure your spa is always warm and ready for use.


A Spa Purifier Means Cleaner Water With Fewer Chemicals And Less Maintenance

Sundance is pleased to announce the addition of the CLEARRAY™ Water Purification System on all 2012 models as a factory installed feature. After years of both external laboratory and in-field testing Sundance has selected a system that makes water care a breeze, even reducing the amount of sanitizing chemicals needed. The system treats water using exclusive UV-C light technology, which means no gas, chemical, or other by-product is added to the water or produced as a result. This proven technology has a strong track record of success in hygienic and clear water driven industries, including: hospitals, pharmaceuticals, bottling & beverage, industrial and municipal water treatment, and aquariums.

• Treats 99.9% of waterborne pathogens
• Factory installed exclusive UV-C Technology
• Up-to 50% reduction in sanitizing chemical usage
• Easy care and maintenance with annual bulb replacement
• No harmful odors or by-products produced
• Durable stainless steel and quartz components