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The Good-One Grills

Lake Fireplace & Spa is an authorized dealer of The Good-One. The Good-One Smoker/Grill was founded in 1988. This endeavor evolved from the dreams and creative thinking of passionate, persistent, and prepared father and son entrepreneurs, Ron and Larry Goodwin, in Kansas. Over the years, they conceived new brilliant ideas to make their product simpler, easier to use, and resulting in a superior product. Today, The Good-One smokers and grills are winning barbecue competitions across the country.

We cook on The Good-One or one of our other grills just about every Saturday at Lake Fireplace & Spa, so visit our store to see one in action.

Which One Is Good For You?

The Good-One has six unique smokers and grills that will satisfy any barbecuer, from the competition pro to the backyard chef.


Why Do You Want The Good-One?

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon with family and friends while the Good-One does the work. Just set it up and walk away. You can virtually cook any food on the Good-One, from award-winning BBQ meats and pizza to fruit pies. Use your imagination and creative cooking ideas!

With The Good-One, you can always count on:

  • Damper control between grill and smoker, controls heat in the smoker compartment for uniform cooking temperature
  • Quality Workmanship and materials for customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Simple and easy cooking
  • Old-fashioned pit BBQ taste
  • No need to rotate meats on smoker grates
  • No moving or electrical parts
  • Provides maximum safety and minimal maintenance
  • Removable ash pan makes clean up a snap!
  • Provides consistent and even cooking
  • Start and walk off – cooks for up to 4 hours!
  • Cooks well in inclement weather
  • Use smoker and grill to cook other foods such as: beans, potatoes, corn, and even fruit pies!
The Good-One Grills
The Good-One Grill components

How Does It Work?

The innovative design of The Good-One charcoal smoker/grill moves the heat and smoke over the meat for uniform cooking perfection. It holds the heat at the right temperature for the old-fashioned pit BBQ taste. Whether using our Ace of Hearts Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal or other quality charcoal, you will find The Good-One charcoal smoker/grill will do a great job!

Learn more about how The Good-One works.